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Idea: design your own diet

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My name is Emmanuel. Some years ago I had some health problems. The
doctors told me to change my diet. The truth is that my nutrition was
really bad. I was eating all kinds of fried foods, a lot of meat and
sweets, I was drinking beers with my meals, I was smoking and of course
I was not making any kind of exercise. So at the age of 45 I was
feeling like 60.

Anyway since doctors told me to go on diet and lose weight I decided to
visit a professional and start a diet. He gave me a diet, a list of
what I should eat for one week.

I started to follow his instructions, but the truth was that I was
really unhappy. I had to change all my habits and start eating foods
that I really didn't like that much. But since this was doctor's advice
I forced myself to keep trying. Next week he gave me another list.

After two weeks I managed to lose 5 kg. I was satisfied because I've
lost that weight but my mood was not good. I was feeling hungry and I
was always thinking about this diet. It was summertime and sometime
later I left for holidays at a Greek island. I don't know if you ever
been in a Greek island for holidays, but it is not the best place to be
if you are on diet. There is a lot of fun, people go to bars and clubs
and they drink a lot. At the bars the portion of drinks is almost
double than in other countries, so if you drink three drinks it is
equal like drinking six drinks somewhere else. The foods at the
restaurants were delicious and it was difficult not to try many plates.
As a result I gained back all the weight I've lost.

So when I returned back I realized that this diet would not work for me
and I decided to stop it. A few weeks later a friend invited me at a
nutrition seminar. Despite the fact that I was not convinced that this
will help me I decided to go. I learned a lot of thinks there, but the
most important was that I learned the diet professionals thinking. This
changed my point of view. I understood all the mistakes that I was
making all this time. I learned why most diets fail after sometime,
exactly as happened to me also.

So after I finished this course, I decided that it was time to design
my own diet. At this diet I included foods that I like to eat. I was
satisfied. I started losing weight and my metabolic rate was improved.
This way I managed to lose 9 kg. This was my extra weight. But the most
exciting was that I never regained this weight.


So I decided that all this knowledge and experience should be shared
with others. I started with my friends. Some of them had also extra
weight that they should lose. So I told them what I`ve done. After all
they could see the living results on my body. They followed my advice
and all of them had amazing results. One of them managed to lose 20 kg
after 6 months and today 4 years later he never regained a single gram.

A lot of people have the same problem and need to find a good and
lasting solution. All I want is to help people with similar problem
with mine to solve it.


So I combined and organized all this knowledge to this eBook in order
to make it easy and help people get my results.


At the first part of this 35 pages eBook you will learn everything you
want about Metabolism, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Water and Fats. You
will also learn what to do when you eat out but also the tricks of food
producing companies, how to avoid these tricks and how to behave at the
supermarket. You will also learn about Calcium, how important good
sleep is, foods that help us to sleep well and a lot more.

At the second part you will learn to measure your body. Most of the
people out there only measure their weight. But just measuring your
weight gives you a part of your body image, not the whole image. Then
you will learn how to plan your meals, how to go shopping to purchase
the foods necessary for your meals and how to prepare these meals.

At the third part you will find 100 weight loss tips. Tips about your
diet, about cooking and drinking and some tips about exercising.

All these written in a way easy to understood by everybody with many
interesting charts and tables.



Before I answer this question I will tell you a little story that
happened to me a few days ago. A friend called and asked me if I would
like to go with her at a rock concert. I accepted the invitation and we
went together to that concert. After the concert we decided to go out
for a drink. At the discussion that we had she told me that she wanted
to lose some weight and therefore see visited a diet professional. He
told her that will give her the diet of a famous singer. What he did
was to measure her weight and enter some data to his computer. Then he
printed a diet and gave it to her. The whole process took him 3 minutes
and he charged 70 US$.

My friend tried this diet for a week and see managed to lose 2 kg. But
the very next week she stopped. She didn't like the foods that were
included at this diet. So she started combining part of the diet with
some foods she liked to eat. The result was to regain this weight the
next 10 days.

During our discussion I pointed to her 10 mistakes that she did, that
nobody cared to tell her. The most important mistake that I pointed to
her was that a diet designed for a famous singer will never work for
her. The reason is really simple. Imagine how much energy consumes a
singer at a concert singing and dancing on stage. A lot more than from
someone who works 8 hours daily at his office. These two people have
totally different life styles and consume different amounts of energy.
So it is impossible to have the same need for food and therefore they
cannot have the same diet. A diet must be personalized in order to give
results. And this is exactly what you will learn reading this eBook.

Of course not all diet professionals are NOT like the one described
above. Like in any other industry, there are good and bad
professionals. In many cases a professional that is good for someone
may not be good for someone else.


Less than a single visit to a professional. Less than the money that
you may already spend for diets with doubtful results.


2. 1. You will also have the chance to subscribe for my newsletter.
This newsletter will be send to you by email every week. At this
newsletter you will find all the nutrition news and trends. This is a
service that I wish to give to my subscribers in order to be informed
and it is also FREE.

2. By subscribing to my newsletter you will get totally FREE my eBook
about Coffee. How to improve your health drinking Coffee.


Well I can understand this. This is why I decided to give you the
following 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE. You have 60 days to review the
material of this ebook and try to follow the istructions and the tips
given in here and if you are not satisfied just email me and you will
receive 100% refund.

So now is the time to make an important decision. Leave this page and
continue having the same problems that you already have, trying to lose
some weight with temporary results methods.


Buy this product, learn how to DESIGN YOUR OWN DIET and start losing
weight and feel confident again about your health and your body.
"ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK is a
registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and
used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products."

Copyright 2013 designyourowndiet.emmkll All
Rights Reserved.

Email Support: info@emmkll


So right now you have 2 options.

Option1. Forget everything you've just read and continue your life
exactly like it was before reading all these. You will remain at the
shape you are today, trying diets that you read at magazines or
anywhere else with only temporary results.

Option2. Buy this eBook NOW. Read it and solve your weight loss problem

Are you trying to find a way to finally get the toned, fit body you`ve
always wanted?

Are you tired trying diets with temporary or doubtful results?

Are you tired eating foods that you don't really like in order to lose
some weight?


Learn how to design your own diet, adjusted for your body needs,
including all the foods you like in it.

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